Of course I always want to live in luxury and I can not lack anything. And you're going to take care of that dirty money slave!

I have made a list of things that need to be paid regularly, and of course you will take care of that.

Kind of expense:Monthly amount:Pay by PayPal:
Groceries€ 100,00 per monthPay My groceries
Clothing€ 200,00 per monthPay My clothing
Rent€ 320,00 per monthPay My rent
Make-up€ 185,00 per monthPay My make-up
Going out€ 200,00 per monthPay My entertainment costs
Holiday€ 350,00 per monthPay My holiday
Bills€ 750,00 per monthPay My (other) bills
Car costs/fuel€ 250,00 per monthPay My car costs/fuel
BDSM stuff *€ 175,00 per monthPay My BDSM stuff

* I use this BDSM stuff especially for slaves who have paid me a lot of money (at least € 1000.00) so they can meet Me in real (the first three slaves from the money slaves TOP 10).

It is also possible of course to give Me some extra money. For example, if you have a few hundred euros left and want to spoil Me. To do this, use the "Donations" button in the left menu. And don't come to Me with ten or twenty euro. I want to receive a lot of money from you. At least € 100.00 or more. I keep track of how much you pay Me. If you pay Me a lot of money (at least € 1000.00) you can meet Me in real life so that we can shop together (you pay of course) or go on holiday together with Me to a slave paradise. But I decide if and when this happens!

On the page Money slaves TOP 10 you find a list with all payments I get from My money slaves. So you can see if you are in the TOP. If not, you know what to do: PAY ME (MORE) MONEY !!