Strange that there is still a lot of interest in blackmail slaves but really little to find on the internet.
So still spend extra time on this item and that is why I put it on My site.
- What is actually a blackmail slave?
- What is a slave being blackmailed with?
- What adds blackmail to the game?
- What can you expect as a blackmail slave?

To start with the beginning:
What exactly is a blackmail slave? A blackmail slave is not to be confused with a money slave or slave under contract
A blackmail slave is (just like the other slaves) someone who just needs a little extra "pressure". Somebody who needs a pressure tool!
Who executes My assignments because, if he does not, there are consequences.... his family, his work, his friends can be reached in one phone call!
The knowledge that someone has you in his power on all fronts. Who knows everything about you.... your deepest secrets, your heaviest feelings. Everything is in the hands of your Mistress, I determine, I decide for you, only I know what is right for you. And you? You are doing! Because if you don't do what is expected of you then it is over with you! I force you in all sorts of ways, your will is gone. And if you still think you can get out of it.... you know what happens: Your Mistress sends your photos to your work! Or to your friends. Or even worse: to your wife or girlfriend!
So you have one choice: to put your destiny in My hands. You can not go back. My will is law!
Of course I let you make incriminating photos, which I keep behind hand if you want to be sideways. You don't want I send those photos to your work? Or that your wife finds your e-mails accompanied with photos in the mailbox?

This sounds very rigorous, of course, but is obvious by appointment. This only happens if you indicate that you want this too. It is clearly agreed where the boundary lies. And of course you know that this data would never be handed over. But the question is: How sure do you know?
Can you take that risk? Maybe it happens anyway.... or?

What does blackmail add to BDSM?
Simple: the pressure and compulsion behind it. Of course it's only a "game", but can you take the risk? Or do you listen to Me in a good way and do you meet My wishes?
You know that you have no excuses, that you simply have to do what I say.

What can you expect as a blackmail slave?
You discuss with Me what your limit is. And that's all. Everything within it in that gray area it's My decision. Of course I take into account your circumstances in terms of accessibility or possibility and therefore I don't accept "No". Do I want a photo of you in a specific attitude? Then you will have to do everything to deliver this photo as quickly as possible and as well as possible in My mailbox.
"No" is a word that you will no longer use. The only thing I want to hear is: Yes Mistress or Yes Madam.
The only other thing I want to hear from you is: When do You want this?
Your only goal in your life is only one thing: serve Me, keep Me satisfied!
If you understand and accept that, you only have one thing left:
To beg Me to use you as a footwipe!

Register as blackmail slave:
Register yourself as a blackmail slave. Send an extensive e-mail to: money-mistress and tell Me anything about yourself: your full name, address, place, your phonenumber and also from your wife/girlfriend, your Social Security Number, your e-mail address, date of birth, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, name and address of your employer, the Facebook account and Twitter account of your wife/girlfriend, the e-email address of your wife/girlfriend, your accountnumber (IBAN-number), name of your bank etc.
Also send Me a copy of your ID-card or passport (front- and backside)
I want also two photos of you. One photo with your full body (and face) with clothes and one photo totally naked (also with your face). On both photos I must can read "I LOVE MONEY MISTRESS" and write also your first and second name under I love Money Mistress.
Send all this to My e-mail address above and experience how it is to be My blackmail slave.