Soon I will organise a Cashpoint meeting. This will take place in the region of Groningen City or in the neighbourhood of Alkmaar at various locations and on various days. As a money slave it is the intention to get as much money from your account as possible and give it to Me. So make sure you have a well-filled bank account. Unrecognizable photos or videos can be made for My website. Beforehand, you must state clearly in your e-mail if you want this or not.
During such a Cashpoint meeting you get the opportunity to meet Me in person and to give all your money personally to Me. To thank Me for this, you can kiss My boots or pumps or maybe even more (depending on what you have to spend and whether photos/videos may be made).
To participate, pay Me € 50.00 and send Me your most recent bank statement with the balance and your name clearly legible to:

If you prefer paying cash, please send € 50.00 (registered) to: M.M., P.O. Box 2070, 9704 CB Groningen, The Netherlands. Send a copy of your most recent bank statement with the balance and your name and e-mail address and also mention that you want to participate in a Cashpoint meeting.

As soon I received your payment and bank statement, you will receive the date, time and location where you have to be and further orders for the Cashpoint meeting.

What do you have to do?
- If you want to participate in My Cashpoint meeting and want to meet Me in person, then sign up by pay Me € 50.00 in advance by iDeal (only available in The Netherlands), Bancontact, PayPal, Bitcoins or wire transfer or send € 50.00 cash to Me (for My address see up here).
- Send an e-mail to My e-mail address with your name, e-mailaddress, phonenumber and how much money you can give Me and if it is a problem for you if photos/videos of this meeting are made for My website. Send also your latest bank statement with your name and the balance.

You receive an invitation for the Cashpoint meeting as soon as possible.