Paypig revos is wearing his chasitiy beld, 04-02-2018

It was a nice day today for Me. First a get a nice tribute from My paypig revos and this afternoon he received his reward. A chasitiy beld that he had to buy from Me. Below you see the photos. And of course he will not receive the keys until he has earned it. And of course I decide when he gets the keys back.

New profile at, 18-01-2018

Yesterday I started to make a profile at where you can date with several sexy women, you can see and buy My photos and videos and send Me messages. Come to see and visit My profile at Of course you can also bid at My (and other) auctions.

Money slave revos has signed his slave contract, 17-01-2018

One of My new money slaves, money slave revos, has signed his slave contract today. He enjoys of the appointment we made that he must pay Me money every month. I hope this money slave makes My life much more pleasant in future with his money and presents. And of course I will drain his wallet totally. Because money slave revos knows also that I deserve his money and that he must work very hard to let Me life in luxury.

New profile at, 10-01-2018

Since today I have My own profile at where you can buy and take a look at all My photos and videos. Almost every day I will put new photos and videos who you can not see on My own site. So come as soon as possible and enjoy My kinky and extreme videos at And of course you can also make Me happy with your tribute on that site.

New profile at, 24-12-2017

Since today I have My own profile at On that platform you can chat with Me, send Me private messages, watch My newest videos and photos and read My stories. If you can not wait for the latest news, please subscribe yourself and enjoy:

New profile at Facebook, 14-12-2017

Since a few days I have My own Facebookpage. You can like My page or post nice messages. But of course you can also chat with Me when I'm online. So visit soon My Facebookpage and share, like or message Me.

For rent: slave peter (45) for all kinds of chores, gardening and sex, 09-12-2017

I offer My very submissive and obedient slave peter for various chores in and around the house (also naked), for example cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning, but also for various garden activities. He can also be used for bachelor parties with, for example, many ladies. You can also use him as a sex object and you can use him for sex.
All this at a very small fee. He can only be used in The Netherlands in the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen and the head of Overijssel. Further away is also possible but then for several hours and payment in advance.
Slave peter is 45 years old, has a normally stature, has short dark blond hair and his scrotum is always well filled (click on his photos below for an enlargement).
So if you are looking for someone for housework, cleaning, gardening or just to have sex, mail to Me via so that we can agree on a price for him and make an appointment. Keep in mind that he also has to do his regular job because that has priority at all times so that he can of course continue to pay Me.

foto 1

Money slave peter signed his slave contract, 07-12-2017

At 5 December 2017 it finally happened. Every money slave receives a contract from Me that they have to adhere to. It clearly states how much money I want from them, how they have to deal with assignments they receive from Me and much, much more. All this to make My life as easy as possible and as luxurious as possible.
On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 My money slave peter was the first to sign his contract. Of course he did that with all his love for his Mistress. Below you can read the contract.

Problems with PayPal payments are solved, 05-12-2017

Some of My money slaves seemed to have problems with paying trough PayPal. In some way, something went wrong during the payment process. The problem was in the settings on My website. This has now been adjusted and if all goes well, everyone can now pay via PayPal again. If you still encounter problems with payments, please send Me an email:

Story of My blackmail slave peter, 04-12-2017

After some insistence, My blackmail slave peter finally paid Me, because he had to write a story about Me and what he would like to be as a blackmail slave. He had already sent Me that story a few days ago, but he could not or want not to pay the full compensation I ask for. After some insistence from My side, he finally paid Me € 75.00 this morning. That's how it belongs! Thank you slave peter. And as promised, I also removed your photo, which I put on My site and on social media. I always keep track of My appointments!
Below you can read the story of My blackmail slave peter. Again, for all errors/mistakes he made, I let him pay!