Are you the generous money slave (man or wife) who thinks he can treat and serve Me as a Queen and do anything I want?

Remember: That you want to serve Me or are submissive doesn't mean that you are a great money slave. My demands are high, but that's why I drain you completely empty! Spiritual, Emotional and Financial.

I'm looking for those men and women who make themselves and their wallets FULLY available to Me.

Do you come to Me with (stupid) questions such as:

- How much money do You want, how must I pay you?
- Can I meet you in real life?
- Where and when are we dating and/or fucking?
- How is our contact in the meantime?

Then I have a simple answer. I DECIDE!

You have nothing to expect, except that I will deal with you very hard, verbally as well as financially.

As a real money slave / slavegirl you serve Me and you accept My punishment.

I'm a slim Mistress who knows how to empty your wallet and bank account.
Do you think you can meet My needs? Then fill in the Application form completely and also mention why you would become My money slave, what you can offer Me, how much money you earn per month etc. Don't forget to mention your slave name, place of residence and your age.
To exclude all fakers, before sending Me the registration form / e-mail, you must pay Me 50.00 by using one of the payment methods below to show Me you are serious. If I don't receive a payment from you, I will not consider your application letter / application as a money slave.

You will receive further instructions from Me as soon you are approved as My money slave and I have received your first payment.
You have to do this instructions exactly as I will tell you.
These orders are for example: what I expect from you, what amount you must pay Me, what kind of (naked) photos you must send Me etc. If you don't follow My orders/instructions completely, then I stop with you as money slave and you must pay Me a penalty.
Excuse is not necessary. You ensure that you do what I tell you at all times, otherwise you are Exit!

Are you sure you want to lend to Me mentally and financially?
Then fill in the Application form and pay Me your first payment of € 50.00.

Money Mistress